Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Las Vegas Day 1 - The long road to Vegas

Today was the big day!  Bags were packed and we were off!  My sister in law came and dropped us at the airport and we told the kids how exciting it was to be catching a plane!

There was a slight disagreement about what we should be carrying on. In the end I got my way, we took the Trunki, my camera case and the blue backpack and stroller.  The stroller was great - you can take it to the door and it will be waiting for you when you get off the plane.

Once on the plane I dosed up Erika with 6mg of phenergan which was enough to knock her out for 4 hours, and 5mg for Julian which only worked for an hour.  Then I did a second dose which was 10mg for Julian and he slept for 6 hours and was still sleeping when we got off the plane.  There was lots of crying though from both kids.  For some reason Hubby and Erika had Premium economy seats and i had standard economy but we got mine upgraded and I had a Premium seat.  But then we weren't sitting together but the guy who was stuck next to the two kids realised he'd be better off sitting somewhere else and swapped seats.  Erika did 2 poos on the toilet and Julian didn't do any poos (he pooed at home in the morning).  I don't like United Airlines - it doesn't have on demand movies and they don't give you anything to entertain the kids with.  Don't think I'll be flying with them again.  We did put the kids to sleep on the floor though, so that was quite good.  We had the seats right next to the front of our section so you couldn't put the arm rests up because the tray tables were in there.

At Los Angeles there was a long wait at passport control.  Fortunately Julian was still sleeping and in the stroller and Erika was happy on her Trunki (and she got lots of comments there too - people were looking at her, smiling and pointing).  I thought we had plenty of time but we didn't!  It took us ages to get out and then we had to collect our baggage, and then we had to figure out where our other plane was which was in the terminal next door but we didn't realise that and then we had to get through security there too which was the full take off your shoes deal and the line there was huge and we would have missed our plane - but it turned out our plane was cancelled (but we didn't know that!) and the next flight was 630 pm but there was an american airlines one at 445 but we'd have to go out and go through security again.  I couldn't be bothered doing that though maybe in hindsight it would have been better, we could have gotten there early.  At least United gave us some food vouchers but I only used 2 of them, I went to the bar to get some of their nice sandwiches and they don't accept the vouchers because they also dispense alcohol and the vouchers are not for alcohol.

Anyway, arrived at Las Vegas and my sister paid for a limo ride to the hotel. Swanky!  That was really fun.  Julian was asleep for that too!  Stayed up late with kids and put them to bed with me at 11pm - they both refused to go bed though for a while and they both wanted to sleep with mama!  So I ended up with both of them in my bed, and I was scared someone was going to fall out of bed, but neither of them did.

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