Saturday, 14 May 2011

Las Vegas Day 9 - Shopping Day

Hmm weird, the whole post disappeared!  I'll start again...

It was raining this morning and rather dreary and it must have been one of the only times I only saw 5 people at the pool instead of like 50.  We decided to go to Circus Circus in the morning and see the Adventuredome and Erika had a ride on the kiddie ferris wheel.  There are lots of rides there, carnival rides that is, like bumper cars, carousels, and roller coasters.

We then caught a taxi to the North Premium outlet complex which had so many good stores!  And lots of discounts too, and lots of designer names there as well.  I bought a coat from Burberry, a nappy bag from Coach (which I was going to use as a work bag), as well as lots of clothes for the kids from OshKosh and Carters.  I also bought shoes from Skechers for me and Erika and we ended up having dinner there as well at an all you can eat Japanese buffet which was not bad!

Then we went back and had a rest before we headed out to see the Fremont Street Experience, and managed to catch the 10pm one which was the best one in my opinion (Tribute to Queen).  I recorded the whole thing but I don't think I'll post it here and bore people.. but boy was it loud!

After that put the kids to bed (the bus goes all the way out there and back on the strip which was cool) and then hit the craps tables with my sister where I lost all my money then won it back again.  But I think I was down there for like 2 hours!

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