Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Las Vegas Day 3 - My parents arrive

Gosh the kids really slept in this morning.  We managed to get them up around 1030-11 and went down for breakfast close to 12.  I was planning on eating light today because we had big dinner at 6pm at Joël Robuchon .  So down we went again to Terrace Point Cafe and it was lunch menu time so I got the 2 sandwiches and chips for the kids and myself (they had some Cheerios in the morning already and they had a soy milk and the peanut butter and jelly sandwich).  Then off we went to the Mirage so we could go see the Dolphin habitat and the Secret garden (which is where all the big cats are on display).  Erika was happy.  My parents arrived at around 3pm and their room wasn't ready yet so they were waiting in my sister's room.  Took the kids up to see them and let them play with them for a while.  Erika seemed enthralled with Poh Poh's new iPad and Julian was just happy to run around and eat Cheerios.  I'm glad they seemed to be back to being comfortable with their grandparents.

Then off we went to get ready for our big dinner.  Joël Robuchon was named France's Chef of the century, and his restaurant in Vegas bearing his name at the MGM Grand is the only restaurant in Vegas awarded 3 Michelin stars.  You can read more here.

So here's the menu we had.  We had planned to go with the Degustation menu all along, so I took a picture of it to remind me what we had.
Now the bread cart was impressive.  I have never seen such an array of breads at a restaurant before.  I had the saffron one and also one of the puff pastry type ones. 
The dish before the appetisers is called amuse.  This was refreshing and citrusy (hence the Le Citron).
Cherry tomato gazpacho was pleasing and the pistachios added a nice flavour.
Now this was fantastic.  The trio of caviars was great.  I ate the asparagas first (it was warm) then the maki made with couscous and more caviar, then the lobster infused gelee with cauliflower cream on top (which is a miniature of a signature Robuchon dish)
Seared scallop was pleasant and the coriander in the coconut milk was very mild.

Now this was not my favourite dish because of texture though it was fine in taste.  Basically an upscale pea and ham soup!  The sweet onion foam was nice and light and so was the soup but there were heavy components in the veloute like the peas and the bacon which I think would have been better if they were light also.
I ate this in anticlockwise order from bottom right.  Truffled ravioli, then lobster in sake broth, then sea urchin with potato and coffee foam (which I liked because it was quite different).
Black cod with daikon and yuzu.  Not bad.  Lots of Japanese influence in this French restaurant!
Crispy fried vegetables with spring salad.  Those fried cabbage leaves were interesting!

Risotto of soy bean sprouts, lime zest and chives.  Strong flavour.  Those are almonds decorating it.
Onto the first dessert.  This was supposed to be almond pannacotta and pineapple but the pannacotta seemed more like a gelato.  Still nice, quite tart because of the pineapple though.
Raspberry sorbet with crunch honey bits.  Nice too.  Gosh I was getting full by this stage.

The petit fours cart was as impressive as the bread cart!

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