Saturday, 28 May 2011

Julian at 19 months, Erika at 3.25 years

Julian is finally talking more.  He now can say mama reliably, and he uses it correctly as well as baba.  He even said Ah Mah on Friday, which was pretty cool.  He says "pre" which I think means press because he says it when he wants the light turned on or off.  And he also says plane, and of course his usual moon which hasn't really changed.  He actually says plane when he hears plane sometimes, and he can even point to plane/shuttle.  And he says "um" very well and points to his mouth when he's hungry.

He really likes to feed himself.  And he kicks balloons around and he can go up and down the stairs by himself now without assistance.

Julian was also stacking blocks, he can easily stack 4-5 blocks and sometimes more.

Erika has been drawing more complex shapes, she drew a fish the other day (or so she said) which looked like an amoeba with lots of hair really.  But that was quite a good picture.  Her addition and subtractions is quite good, and I have been trying to get her to read more but she still can't spell that many words, in fact no new spelling has come into her vocabulary lately.  Though she can spell Ben, that might be new.

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