Wednesday, 6 February 2013

The first week of school

It's that time, when your child first starts school.  It's an emotional time, parents and children cry, and the realisation that your child no longer needs you and is moving onto the next step in their life can be overwhelming for some.

However, there was no tears on our end.  I was anxious, mostly worrying that I would go the wrong room, or my daughter would soil herself and I didn't pack spare clothes... but it all seemed to go well.  She has the vice principal as her Kindergarten teacher, and he's quite dapper looking.  Fortunately, she likes him as well - she said to me he was nice and not scary.

I left her after a few minutes, talking to her teacher Mr M, and snuck out.  Well, at least she was talking to him.  I came back in the afternoon, and she was sitting on the floor with the all the other children, seemingly well behaved.  When I asked Mr M about her that day, he said that she was very quiet and asked about what language we spoke at home, and what cultural background we were.  Then he offered her special class - I think he wanted to know if I should put her in ESL (English Second Language) class!  But my daughter's first language is English, so if she went there, she wouldn't be able to understand anything! So that was a hilarious thing, my daughter was so bad that she was going to be put in ESL even though English is her primary and first language.

J, on the other hand, seemed to sail through daycare last week.  Not a tear, excited to be playing and joining in on everything.  However, this week, the realisation that he was being left behind sunk in and he cried when Dad said goodbye.  It was almost amusing - J was saying "Bye bye E" thinking that E was being left behind but then Dad said to him "No, it's bye bye J!" and then he started to cry.  So far, two days in a row he's cried.  E is on her 3rd day of school with no tears.  I think she really likes it there.

I asked E what she does at school, and she said she does activities, and there's dancing but she didn't dance. She seems to like the ham and cheese sandwiches we make her for lunch, which is good.  I worry that she isn't drinking enough - that will do wonders for her constipation ><  I'm just happy she eats her lunch.

J sleeps and eats at school with no issues.  In fact, he sleeps so well that he doesn't want to sleep at night!  Last night he was up still at 930pm and I was getting cranky with him. Sigh, you can't make day care NOT put him down for a nap.

So that's halfway through our first week.  Smooth sailing so far.