Friday, 6 May 2011

Las Vegas Day 4 - Hen's night

The morning started off with a bit of drama!  Erika slept with her grandparents so we had a reasonable night's sleep.  The drama was with Julian...

My parents are in the adjoining room which has a connecting door.  So we had that door open so we could traverse both rooms easily.  There is a door for each room so essentially it's 2 one way doors.  So you can't open their door from our side and vice versa.

While we were in my parent's room Julian wandered back into our room and shut the door.  And neither of us had our card key on us so we had to contact security to come and open the door.  It took a good 8-10 minutes for them to arrive where I was listening to Julian dropping all manner of things on the floor and hoping to high heaven that he didn't put things into the toilet - like cameras, wallets, hair dryers etc.  Security unlocked the door to open it and we found that it was bolted from the inside - hubby likes to bolt the door at night.  So then security had to go find a tool with which to open the door.  Julian by that time had come to the door and then got upset when the door didn't open so he was wailing at the door and refused to step away from the door.  Eventually we got the door open and my son was reunited with the family after his little half hour ordeal.

We had Italian for lunch and I did some shopping at Victoria's secret to get some undies for my sister that we could play with on Hen's night (was going to get everyone to write on the undies) and some bras for myself and then we made a bust of Julian which doesn't really look like him I think.  It's cute though.  Then it was back to the hotel so I could go and get ready to go out.  The girls had a great time at the Pole dancing stripper class and unfortunately they didn't take any pictures (or weren't allowed).

We headed to Nobu for dinner and had a great dinner, which wasn't too pricey either (it was $110 a head with 8 dishes, cocktails, and dessert as well, and tip was included in that).  The worst part was that I don't know what half the dishes were - I know a couple of the dishes, but the pictures at least capture the memory of what we ate.  There were 8 girls there altogether.  I had 2 lychee martinis - very nice.

Then we went back to Wynn so we could go to Surrender nightclub which was packed.  It seems all these hotel night clubs are always packed!  With huge queues!  We had a table prebooked so that cool.  We had a little room to ourselves and we had to have a minimum $100 per person spend so we got 3 bottles of vodka and some champagne too.  I had 3 or 4 glasses of champagne and 3 or 4 glasses of vodka/orange as well and 1 cocktail.  I don't think I've been intoxicated for a long time.  Everyone was much looser after all the alcohol and it was easier to talk to people after that, and find out more about them.

We all left around 4am and I put some money on some tables and lost it (I didn't spend all I was going to spend though) and then I went to bed.  Fortunately woke up in the morning without a hangover!  (Though I did vomit once at the club - after I'd had 2 successive champagnes very quickly I was feeling rather off - went to the bathroom and threw up a tiny bit and surprisingly felt lots better and then I went and had another vodka/orange and a cocktail)

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