Sunday, 8 May 2011

Las Vegas Day 6 - Wedding day

Today was my sister's big day!  In the morning hubby and I decided to go out to the Flamingo and see the flamingos which were at least free.  There were also some ducks and turtles there too.  It was quite warm that day as well, it was going to be 32-35 degrees Celsius so it was pretty damn warm.

After that we rushed back and I had my hair done and make up done which I thought looked great.  The Hair artist, Coco, managed to put my hair up and everyone who walked past said how great it looked.  Unfortunately I don't think i took a photo of it from the back so I can't show people how it was done.  Then I had make up done by a make-up artist Stephanie who put so much eyeliner in that I was crying from not blinking.  And she made me wear full false eyelashes too.  I think next time I'll go for the half ones, or at least insist on them.  She did a great job, nobody could recognise me and I did get a number of comments, some good some not so good...

"And are you the bride's mother?" - the photographer
"Wow, I didn't recognise you!  You were walking down the aisle and I thought I thought J was supposed to be the bridesmaid, who the hell is that." - Amanda, one of my sister's friends.
"And now the second most beautiful lady in the room, may I present J, the bride's sister." - Mike, the best man (though that's not a genuine comment on my looks I think since that's the correct thing to say.

And my poor silk dress got lots of children's paw prints on it as soon as the ceremony was over.

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