Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Hong Kong Day 3 - Going shopping

I spent the morning shopping for Atmos at the different JLC boutiques around town.  There was even an IWC boutique store too!  I was tempted to get something but I ended up not getting anything.

I decided that I like the Atmos Birthday.  The others were either ridiculously expensive or not that nice to look at.  There are always lots of the lower end ones available.  I read on the internet that they're only make 8 of the birthday ones - but that can't be right because they were in almost every store in HK.

Prices here are more than in Taiwan - it was 98k HK dollars here and in Taiwan hubby can get it for 9.6k US.  So he ended up getting it for me.

Had high tea at the Peninsula - fancy!  It was very nice.  Too much for me to eat, almost.  I know I ate my share +1 or 2 extras.
Mine is the pink version not the blue version! And I don't have a little plaque at the bottom...

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