Monday, 16 May 2011

Hong Kong Day 2 - I made it to the Conference!

So I finally get to attend the conference!  The Hong Kong Conventaion and Exhibition Centre is not far from my hotel to walk but it took me a while to figure out how to get inside the centre (walked around the whole damn thing and then through it trying to figure out where to go).  So I registered, got my free (ugly) bag and went to a few sessions then went shopping in the afternoon on Tsim Sha Tsui at Harbour City which is supposed to be one of the biggest shopping centres in Asia.  There is a whole floor there dedicated to children's things with a massive Toys R Us, and lots of kids clothes and other toy stores.  Didn't buy anything though but I might go back later today.

There was a protest in the harbour from fisherman and there were lots of boats passing in the harbour and they nearly hit my ferry they were that close!  Took some pics of all the boats.  Geez, felt like I was in Titanic with big obstacles all around...

My plans in the evening were a little scatty, I was going to have dinner with one friend, and avoid going with a different friend, then my first friend cancelled, then a group of work friends were going out for a fancy Cantonese meal which was a 1 Michelin star restaurant and I wanted to tag along... but I had an idea!  I decided to try having 3G for my internet instead of broadband and I could get on WoW!  YAY!  So I pretended to everyone that I was having dinner with someone but really I was at home raiding BoT which was good because we got 25 man Cho'gall down!

Anyway after that I went out for dessert and had Mango desserts with my friends.  There was a nice mammoth ivory store there which was beautiful but I am sure those tusks are illegal to import so I don't want to risk buying anything.

Got home late and had a nice good night's sleep, eager for more shopping tomorrow!

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