Monday, 16 May 2011

Hong Kong Day 1 - Arrival

Geez what a day!  Flying all night then having to transit at GuangZhou then flying to Taipei... then my plane from Taipei to Hong Kong is delayed.... and I left my nappy bag on the plane from Australia to GZ... what else could go wrong!

A lot really.

It started on Wednesday.  Stupid me realised that I was arriving on Saturday evening, which was the 14th and I had booked my accommodation from the 13th.  So I rang on Thursday to let them know I wasn't arriving that day... my luggage was delayed (see previous entry about luggage stuck in LA!).  So that was annoying.  I had stuffed up and paid for an extra night.

Then I also realised... crap, conference STARTS on Saturday!  I had a workshop to attend, what time was that?  I looked it up and damn it, I was booked for the acupuncture workshop on Saturday 3pm.  Well I was going to miss that, so that was another waste of money.  And I missed a whole day of conference so that was another waste of money!  Geez, would the wastage and money spending never end?

So I decided to fib to everyone rather than tell them what an idiot I am about booking my things.  So the official story I told my friends was that my luggage was delayed in LA, it had my computer and all my electronic device charges in it so I couldn't leave without it and it only arrived at 3pm on Friday, so I couldn't make my flights, hence why I am here on Saturday evening instead of the morning.  Which sounds good.

So I arrived in HK and have no idea where I am and I have no map so I wasn't sure where I was supposed to go, but there seem to be a lot of signs for the express MRT so maybe I should be taking that instead of a taxi or limousine to my hotel.  So I did that, which was cool, it was air conditioned, comfortable.

Then I got off at Central and wondered where do I go from here?  There were some shuttles but it didn't look like my hotel was on the list of stops so I thought should I get a cab or catch the MRT?  I decided to catch the MRT.  And then I was a bit stuffed because I didn't have a map and I knew that the hotel was about 5 mins walk away.

So I had to dial a friend to help me out and my phone ran out at a crucial moment in relaying instructions, but I did manage to find the hotel in the end.

The room was FREEZING!  But it's tiny and clean and the internet was the next big problem, it was so expensive!  And then the worst part... I couldn't connect to vent or WoW on it because they probably had it all blocked!!  But at least I could still use net.  So I used the net but felt very miserable that I couldn't do anything I wanted to do on it.  Hence the early bedtime.

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