Saturday, 30 April 2011

Yishay Orr in the paper!

There was an article in the paper about a friend of mine (we used to be good friends, but lost touch) in the SMH online today.  I was trying to legally get a copy to put in my blog... and it costs over $1000 to do that!  Stuff that!  So I ended up copying and pasting the article so I can stick it right into here.

Yish has won tons of prizes (being the brililant girl that she is) - she was just shy of the medal in Uni but she won a different prize (can't remember what!), she was Intern of the Year in 1999 (well the rest of us can't compare to her!), the Ralph Reader prize for clinical cardiology research, and who knows what other prizes she has won.

I have to admit that's a dreadful photo!  She looks much better than that in real life.

I am sure that all of our friends who know her are extremely proud of her!  I think I might SMS her and tell her congratulations as well as tell her what a dreadful photo that is!  And she says that she doesn't get to exercise... her version of exercise is running a 20km run every day with 2 hours of gym.  I don't think many people can do that anyway.

I have to say I feel lucky I chose my profession and am not that intellectual.  My profession was an easier path and though probably not as intellectually stimulating or physically challenging as what Yish is doing, it makes me happy.  Yish would only ever be happy doing something that challenged her in every aspect. 

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  1. I have known Yishay when she was a surgical registrar in Liverpool in 2005 or 2006. I remember she was slim but very beautiful. A couple of her work colleagues said she was a dedicated doctor - I agree.