Thursday, 13 January 2011

A woeful wednesday

Had a dreadful day yesterday.  Started out with a call from Nanny M who wondered where the kids were and I forgot to tell her that the kids weren't coming this week.  She seemed rather unhappy and I felt bad so I apologised profusely and then she told me that she was relying on that money this week and now she's really short.  So I made a compromise and paid her $240 as a short notice cancellation fee and gave next week's money in advance.  And she said everything was ok but she had to bring it up.  So now we're all ok, but I felt terrible about that.

Then I spoke to mum who said that I spoil Julian, and that dad thinks I do as well.  I think his exact words were "Typical, they spoil the son."  I never meant to spoil him!  He cries a lot and comes to us and he stops after we give him food so I thought he might be hungry!  Mum said I was rewarding his crying with food, and thus reinforcing his bad behaviour.  And that he climbs on everything, touches everything and isn't told off.  But that's not true, we treat him the same as Erika, and Erika grew out of the touch everything stage, and we hoped Julian would as well.

Then I was on call in the evening and I got called in at 1am and had to stay at work until almost 4am, with a patient who was having a cystoscopy which turned into an SPC and he developed pulmonary oedema and I had to reintubate him and send him to ICU ventilated.