Saturday, 29 October 2011

QANTAS flights grounded

Hubby and I went to Melbourne this weekend - he had a conference and I was going to catch up with some friends.  I had a nice day catching up with some World of Warcraft friends.

However, when we were going out for dinner, I got a call from HK saying that QANTAS had grounded all flights voluntarily because of the industrial action.  There have been a lot of worker strikes because of industrial dispute about a refusal to give a 2.5% pay rise.  However, the CEO of QANTAS, Alan Joyce recently gave himself a 66% pay rise.

As soon as I heard, I tried to get HK to book me a flight on Virgin Blue out of Melbourne.  He managed to get me one at 3pm.  However, about an hour later, all flights on Virgin Blue out of Melbourne were sold out.  Cost me a pretty penny though!

At present the Government is thinking of stepping in to intervene, and there are talks due to start soon.  I have to say it's all rather exciting.  I wonder how long it will take to resolve.

Fortunately QANTAS has released a statement that I will receive a full refund on my ticket.  So at least I can take my Virgin Blue flight and not worry that I have 2 flights to pay for.

Friday, 28 October 2011

NBN coming to ME soon!

Being in metropolitan Sydney I was super excited to see that they are rolling out in my area!  One of the surgeons I work with SMS'd me to let me know that the local paper front page said that NBN was coming to my suburb.

So I looked the rollout schedule and was pleased to see that it was true!

So I hope my house will be able to be connected.  I am sure it will be able to.  And I will be the first to sign up, and I wonder if this will be the end of my internet troubles.

They said that it may be up to 12 months before I can get connected, but if they are starting soon, then hey I will be excited as in one year I will be on fibre.  Woot!

Sunday, 16 October 2011

A use for my Very Hungry Caterpillar Sticker book

I have so many copies of The Very Hungry Caterpillar - I have 2 of the board books, one large paperback and this sticker book.  I never took the stickers out and put them into the book because... well, because I thought it was more fun to use it as a backup book for when I can't seem to find the others (lost under the bed, left at Grandma's house etc).

But!  I have found a use for my Count with The Very Hungry Caterpillar book.  Erika has been reluctant to go to the toilet on her own (she always wants me to go with her and wipe her botty, or carry her to put her on the toilet) but she loves to stick the stickers in the book.  So I told her each time she does everything herself on the toilet,  she gets to stick a sticker in the book.

In fact it's going so well, that I may have to buy another sticker book of some sort for her to do.  Though I'm hoping by the time stickers run out, she will be independent and not need me in the bathroom anymore.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Another Gastro Bug - OK It's not over yet...

Just when I thought things were better I got sick yesterday afternoon - when I went to a friend's house (HK) for dinner. No wonder the kids were grouchy, sore tummy doesn't make you feel good at all. Though I had more diarrheoa than them so far...

I wonder if and when hubby is going to get it. My BIL and SIL got it on Sunday, and I got it Monday so tomorrow sounds like it will be his day to get it if at all. Fingers crossed that he doesn't get it at all.

Monday, 3 October 2011

Kids vs grandparents and the Bluray player

Yesterday we went out for dinner and my in laws looked after them and put them to bed.  My mother in law was highly amused by an event that occurred.

Julian was playing with the playstation and the DVD player as he often does, and Erika asked Grandma if she could watch a DVD.  Grandma had no idea how to work the DVD/Bluray player.  She took the box and gave the DVD to Julian, who opened the DVD player and loaded up the DVD, then climbed onto the couch beside Grandma to watch the DVD.  He fell asleep watching it.

Another Gastro bug - thank god it's over!

On Friday, Julian seemed fine, but I got calls later in the day from my SIL who was looking after them saying that Julian had vomitted 3 times and also had some very watery diarrhoea.  He was very lethargic and tired and wanted to sleep a lot so I just let him sleep.  He had one further vomit on Saturday morning and seemed fine by Sunday.

Erika went with me to a birthday party on Saturday and on Sunday ate her breakfast fine, and I went out to meet some friends for lunch.  Hubby called me just before midday to say Erika was vomitting.  I went home and we tried to put her to bed but she did another huge vomit in her bed onto the wall and her bedding - YUK!  Then she had a few more vomits downstairs.  Probably about 6 vomits total, and one very watery diarrhoea.  She was brighter by the evening compared to her brother who was listless and miserable for at least 24-36 hours.  Today she looks totally normal, and is eating suprisingly well.

Now my SIL is sick.  I wonder will be the next victim.