Friday, 6 February 2015

My son's first day at school

Over the past year, my son has had such intensive speech and occupational therapy, and social classes, that he has improved a lot.  He became friendlier and communicative at school, and his comprehension and expression has been so much better that his therapists said he is ready for school. His OT said that he didn't need to come back and see her, and the psychologist who runs his social class said that he has the skills for kindergarten so he doesn't need to come back to the class.  I was thrilled and we have been telling him how exciting it is to go to "big school" that he seemed to be looking forward to it.

On the first day of school we had a small hiccup.  He refused to wear his school uniform!  He had a tantrum and ran away screaming and we didn't understand why until he yelled that it's his sister's clothes.  After we reassured him that everyone wears the same clothes, he put it on, albeit very unsettled, pulling at his clothes and buttons for a bit, and then when I tried to cheer him up by saying he can have his very own brand new socks, never worn, he shook his head vehemently and pointed to his sister's socks and said he wanted to wear his sister's socks.

Going to school was not a drama.  He stuck close to me whilst his sister went to line up when the bell went off.  Then I took him with all the other kindergarten students to the library for sorting.  Vision of Harry Potter floated into my head when I heard that.

He sat there quietly but I don't think he was listening - and when his name was called he took his badge and brought it to me to put on his clothes and then when the children with the same coloured badges were taken out, he went quietly and happily.  He followed instructions and sat quietly on the floor and when I waved goodbye he waved goodbye, but looked very serious. Overall, school wasn't a stress for him and he seemed to like it well enough.

I had a laugh because on Wednesday when hubby went to pick him up from school his teacher asked if she could have a word.  Uh oh.  It turned out that she wanted to tell us that our son ate all of his lunch at recess and had nothing to eat for lunch!  I felt guilty - she must think what horrible parents, starving their child!!!

But, I'm happy my son has gone to school and settled in.  I know it's just the first week and any learning difficulties will be detected later on - but perhaps I should give him more credit.  He might understand more than what I think he does.  And having the influence of other learning little minds around him, and a school structure, will be good for him.  If there is anything he thrives on, it's routines.  Two years ago, I dreaded what the day would be like when he went to school, wondering if he would even be able to go, but the day has arrived, and he flew through it easily.

But this is only the beginning.