Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Las Vegas Day 2 - Getting settled

Woke up at 8am - the kids got up once at night so we got a good night's sleep! My sister rang us and woke us up at 830 and asked us to meet her at 10am at Terrace Point Cafe which was nice, met some of her friends there who were all dressed for poolside lazing around. Hubby had pancakes for brekky and I got 2 mueslis so I could have one and kids could have one. Erika wasn't feeling well yesterday, saying she had tummy pain, and she looked miserable. So we gave her some juice, muesli and she seemed to chirp up a bit after eating. Then she started eating some of Ivan's pancake (he'd only eaten maybe half of one of the 3 giant pancakes) and then she vomitted all over his breakfast. Fortunately my sister's friends had already left. Took her upstairs to clean her up and they even doggie bagged the rest of the muesli for us (apparently they do that everywhere, even at flash restaurants!)

So after breakfasts we went off to find a pharmacy and supermarket so we could get more nappies and some breakfast items for the kids. Walgreens was not far from Palazzo so we walked there with the kids and through shopping arcades... wow the shopping here is fantastic. Hard to shop with kids around but I can't wait to do some serious shopping!

Julian seems to have hardly any clothes, so we went to Baby Gap to buy some more clothes for him. Just a couple of cheap Tshirts and some swim shorts.

Oh and while I'm on the subject of things I forgot to pack, I forgot my swimsuit.

Had lunch at Pizza place, Erika was asleep though.

Went out at 7pm to go watch the Sirens of T.I which was a free show outside Treasure Island hotel which had lots of fire, explosions and scared Julian because he cried. Then we went to watch the volcano eruptions at the Mirage.

I booked dinner at Joel Robuchon at MGM - which is gonna be expensive and pricey and we're taking my sister along as well (edit: she's pulled out at last minute)! I'm looking forward to eating at my first 3 star Michelin restaurant! And the bill that comes with it! Hopefully mum and dad don't get waylaid in LA like me and hubby and get here on time!

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  1. Completely misinterpreted the phrase "waylaid in LA" the first time I read it! :p

    Sounds like you're having fun, anyway (although I'm guessing Hyad didn't finish his breakfast ...).