Thursday, 1 July 2010

Husbands!!! They can sometimes be so GRRRR!!!!


This is a venting post so please do not read on if you don't want to be offended!

Today, 1st July, my husband did the most UNREASONABLE thing!  A very good friend of mine asked me to pick up his contract from work (I happen to work there also) and I was going to see him the next day.  So the next day he signs the contract, and asks me if I can take it back to work.  But we had a better idea, another friend, who is a colleague who works in the same field as my friend lives in my street, only about 12 houses down or so.  So I was going to drop the contract off at his house.  I got side tracked playing PS3 and forgot to do it until about 7pm and I thought I'd better do it now because if I don't I'll forget and I'll be online playing World of Warcraft and won't be able to do it for ages after that.

Julian was put in bed by me already, so I ask Erika if she wants to go for a walk - she doesn't. So I left her at home at 6.55pm.  Halfway there I get a call from my husband saying why didn't I take Erika, she's crying and wants mama.  So I came home, and asked her if she wanted to go, tried to pick her up and she's crying again, saying No No No so I left her at home. It's now 7pm.  Walked to the colleague's house and they invited me in for a drink, so I had a glass of coke and was chatting when the phone rings and it's my husband saying what are you doing hurry up and come home, and hung up.  Rude.  So I make my apologies, wash my glass and go home.  It's 7.12pm when I get home.  When I get home Julian is on the floor, Erika is on the toilet and my husband starts yelling at me saying your STUPID friend is too lazy to use 60c to post his contract and I have to put up with 2 screaming kids, I don't want to see your friend, I don't want to MEET your friend!  Totally unreasonable.  So I tell my husband he's an idiot, pick up my soon, cuddle him and kiss him and put him back into bed.  Then I go get my daughter, take her off the toilet, change her into her nappy and pyjamas and put her in bed after I lie down with her for a while.  By the time I'm done it's 7.40pm.  MEN!  Such a huge drama about nothing!  Anyway men are idiots, and I'm just glad I have the patience of Job!  And a blog to whinge about stuff in!

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