Friday, 16 July 2010

More ARGH!!! Husband whinge No #2

So annoying!  Hubby brought kids home and then got fed up of them coz they were crying when trying to be fed.  So poor Julian was crying while trying to be fed so I put him to bed.  I said but he hasn't had dinner, and husband said feed him dinner in an hour.

So Erika was whinging and crying while being fed and he got fed up and stomped off.  So I coaxed her to eat congee and some fried rice.  She even drank a little bit of Ribena and I took her to poo.  And then I told husband to go get Julian and he said after putting Erika to bed.  So I put her to bed and I fell asleep as well.

It's 924pm now and I went to check Julian but he's sound asleep.  So I told husband why didn't you feed him dinner?  And he says oh well I didn't know I was supposed to feed him dinner.  What has he been doing?? Playing playstation!!!  So I said well you can get up and feed him then when he cries tomorrow morning, and he says well that's fine I can wake him up later.  GRRRRR!!!  I am really cross with that.  And I have to change Julian's nappy to his night nappy.  AND I'm on call, it's Friday, at Liverpool.  You'd think that would mean something, at least help wise but NOOOOO.  I was going to let Julian sleep but with the nappy thing I'd better get him up.  Geez.

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