Monday, 19 July 2010

Mobile monster-baby

Geez Julian is climbing everywhere!  He is climbing the stairs, getting up the bookshelf (!!) and pulling books out - yesterday he was standing on a bucket pulling things off the bookshelf.  He does like to stand at the printer and the windowsill and also at the table.

Converted the trike back into a walker for him though unfortunately Erika seems to like "helping" which is basically pushing the walker along for him which of course is too fast and he falls flat on his face!

It was only last week that I put him in that space around the staircase - I have the gate around it so I thought well he can't go up, and he's contained by the fence so he can't go anywhere.  I went to the toilet and then I heard Ivan yelling my name, so I came out and saw that Julian had made it up to the third step!  On the weekend Ivan decided to see how far he could go and he managed to go up the whole flight of stairs!  He got stuck on the top step because he couldn't get over the safety gate edge.

Now Julian is constantly standing in his cot.  I wonder how long it will be before I have to lower the cot.  If he climbs this much he probably could get over the cot edge before long.

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