Saturday, 3 July 2010

Does the cycle of Child illness ever end??

Well I don't if Erika has hand, foot and mouth disease or not, but her and Julian are not well today.  Erika is febrile and was off her food a bit, and Julian was grouchy today.  Yesterday DH said they were quite well and happy.  Erika's temperature on her skin of her back was 40 degrees just before bed!  So I gave her some nurofen and put her to bed, hope she sleeps ok.  Probably will until the nurofen wears off and she feels like crap again.  Wonder how our night will be then.  She has a few tiny spots around her mouth.

The good thing is they both went to sleep really easily!  Julian has been very sleepy today.  Erika went to sleep at around 1130am and slept for 2 hours.

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