Saturday, 24 July 2010

Julian unwell again... is he ever healthy?

Julian came down with some febrile illness last weekend, and was rather miserable. It turned into diarrhoea by Tuesday and Wednesday and on Thursday was really lethargic and off his food. Even my nanny was worried, she called me about him, just to let me know but didn't think he needed to go to hospital or anything. Anyway yesterday he was looking a bit better, more chirpy but still miserable and he came out in an all over body rash spotty thing. Measles looking but I don't think it's that, I'm not exactly sure what it is. But I haven't been able to catch any poos, they're all going in the nappies. And I feel bad because I've been throwing nappies into the bin with poo in them, when I should at least spray them off. And the amount of disposables we're using... geez my environmental conscience is yelling at me! Though it is a lot easier to get rid of diarrhoea poo that way...

Oh and I have diagnosed it! He has Roseola infantum. Also known as 6th disease. Starts off with fever and when fever breaks they get a rash all over their trunk and spreads to arms, legs and face. Says the fever can last 3-7 days and the rash a few hours to a few days. It came on pretty quick the rash. Hopefully it will fade just as fast.

Poor Julian has such a red bottom from his frequent poos. Looks so sore!

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