Thursday, 8 July 2010

OMG Holy Hand foot and Mouth! My progress with it

Well, I officially have hand, foot and mouth disease!  Sounds disgusting!  I think I'll just call it Coxsackie virus, sounds a whole lot cleaner I think.

It sounds so funny now, I had fevers on Tuesday and a sore throat, had a dreadful sore throat yesterday with minimal fever, and last evening I went to the garage and I stepped down onto my shoe and I got a pain in my foot and I thought I'd stepped on a splinter, I was looking and looking for it but couldn't find it.  Then when I got up this morning at 4am my foot was still sore and I was looking on my foot and there was a little lump that was tender and I thought I hope that's not a pus bubble, maybe it's just a blister.  I was even thinking of going to see a podiatrist.  I put Julian on the toilet, gave him some milk then put him back in bed.

Then when I got up at 630am I went downstairs to peel pear for Erika's brekky and the crease in my thumb interphalangeal joint was painful and I looked at my thumb and there was a painful red spot there... then the penny dropped!  I looked closer at my hands and there were little red lesions everywhere!  And they were tender too!  Suddenly my foot wasn't so sore because I knew what it was!  And now that I think about it there are lots of painful spots on my feet but the knowledge of what it is makes it much more bearable!  So what does it feel like? Kind of like how pins and needles feels when you get that in your hands and feet.  Probably not even that sore.  Kind of like how your feet get sore after you walk too long.  Like when you're starting to get a blister.. or ten.  In my case, more like 50!

Fortunately nothing around my mouth.  I'd hate to look like I've got sores all around my mouth!  I'm going to take some pictures of my hands and feet and put it up just for interest.  Sorry for all my blog readers (there aren't that many I know!) if this is TMI but it's actually really fascinating!

Wow it has really progressed over the day!  Now it's up my arms and everything!  Hope it doesn't affect my plans for tomorrow...

Friday: Wow these lesions are sore today!  And they're up my arms, on my legs, groin... and it's quite painful to walk on them, and man are they itchy!  They swell up like blisters when i scratch them.

Saturday: So much better today, but the lesions now look like bright red splotches.  And not so itchy and not so painful.  Here's hoping they're even better tomorrow.  The backs of my hands don't look so bad, it's only looking at my palms and the soles of my feet that it looks bad.
Tuesday: Well thank god the pins and needles feelings are gone.  Now the lesions are just like.. blisters under the skin, almost warty looking (god I hope they don't turn into lots of warts!)  The mouth ulcers are killing me though - I can't stick my tongue out to do anything it hurts too much!

Wednesday: Mouth is feeling better

Thursday.  My hands still feel bubbly, not smooth, just kind of lumpy.  Mouth is heaps better today.  I can stick my tongue out now!  But it's just a tiny bit uncomfortable.  My feet look shocking though, I feel like it's made more callouses if that makes any sense.

2 weeks later - my hands and feet are still peeling!  And the interesting thing is the kids feet are peeling too so that means they both had it!  Hands are finally getting a bit better but it was pretty yukky for a while with peeling skin all over - looked like I had Clag on my hands!


  1. Gack! It's horrible! Quick, cut off all your limbs!

    ... actually they're not that noticeable seeing you in person. :p

  2. LOL Sev, thanks! Coz I don't think you were looking at my palms or soles of my feet or in my mouth... that's why you can't see them!

  3. Do you know what you had? Just asking, because I have something that almost looks the same on my hands. I'm from Namibia, we don't have a skin therapist here, the soonest one visiting from South Africa that i can get an appointment with is only in May. I'm currently on medication that helps short term to just keep it dormant, but the second i skip a days medication, the watery bumps under my skin is back. When it dries out and start to peel, it gets sore and worse. How did you treat yours or what treatment did you use?

    Kindest Regards

  4. My doctor said i have Dermatitis, although my feet and hands look and feel the same as you explained on here. Did it go away on its,own?.,they have me taking meds, 1 pill every 12hrs.. Worse pin,needle feeling !.