Sunday, 18 July 2010

Meeting People in Real Life after only knowing them online

When you play online games like World of Warcraft with the same people every day for years, people become your good friends.  People who don't meet people online often don't understand this.  They think that you can't know someone unless you have met them in person.  But seriously, you meet someone at a bar, you pick them up, you take them home.  How well do you REALLY know that person, come on!  People often think oh people you meet online are stalkers, axe murderers, criminals, perverts - you don't know anything about them!  But how do you know some guy you meet on a date isn't the same?  Or any other colleague or peer for that matter?

But on to meeting my online friends.  At our big Frostwolf party when Madcow (Moopie) came to visit seeing some people was like.. wow is that what you look like.  Take Lacrox, a golden haired metrosexual looking Blood Elf.  In real life he's round, dark and bearded.  Ghistal, hilariously, looks exactly like a dwarf.  And Frostie was gorgeous in real life.  Davith was like a gentle (vegetarian!!) giant, Silentogre looked like a scary scrawny Nazi to me... and Saintzhul and Kaz were just like they were online, loud, brash and friendly.

Then when Mil and Thinto came to visit, I was worried because they kinda look scary from their pics... but Mil is actually very pretty and crazy, and Thinto is also very nice but scarily observant!  Why does it feel like all boys who play WoW are overweight and bearded/unshaven... got to see Arstor for the first time there too and he was very pleasant looking as well as being nice to talk to and totally non snobby like.  Totally don't like their drunken and drug taking behaviour though.  Makes everyone totally annoying and just outrageous thinking they can get away with stupid things.

Then on our 5th birthday party when we went to Tout's place, Melfina looked totally... hate to say it... bogan  (Bel's words not mine)!  How on earth does he have 2 girls at once and raid 6 hours a day and work.... /rolls eyes.  Eboniee looks older than we thought, and for some reason I thought she was blonde but she's dark haired and a bit overweight too (but she's still sweet and lovely!).  Fue looks pale and quiet, and had less hair than I thought since I remember his pics from when he was 18 on the website!  So yeah online Fue is calm yet in command but in real life is quiet and not bossy at all.  Caedis was actually what I thought he'd look like.  And his voice sounds different for some reason.  Arstor was gorgeous as usual and even Eboniee thought so!  Would have to say he's the best looking WoW player I've met so far.

Then when we went to Sev's place the other weekend because Aza came to visit.  Aza has long hair - flowing golden locks he says - and he's very tall but his enthusiasm in real life is just like he is online.  He looks different to when I met him 3 years ago!  I have to admit that I was a bit grouchy thinking that Sev was going to meet up with Tout but hadn't met up with me and hubby because I always thought we were better friends and I was letting him have his space... and I was prompted a little by thinking I can't let them meet him before I have!  I know I know, totally petty!  So I shamefully admit one of the driving forces for going to see Sev was that I didn't want everyone to do it before I did...

Sev is pathologically reclusive so I never feel like I should force him to do things.  And he was so nervous with entertaining... you should have seen all the drinks in his fridge!  He could have fed a classroom for 2 days!  So we went out for Indian food which I really liked and unfortunately Tout didn't like.  And silly old Tout he did his usual thing - "I can take you to the BEST place for Indian"  he cracks me up with how he always knows the BEST of everything, the best dentist, the best restaurants, the best bar... poor Sev if that was me I'd feel really embarrassed that I took my friends to place and they didn't like it!  Sev said he looked like Fue... maybe in terms of paleness but other than that not really.  He did look awkward though - shy mixed with some hesitation.  But he was happy enough, he wasn't sullen or anything and seemed genuinely pleased to see us.  I was glad I met him, it doesn't change my opinion of him, and we're still as good friends as ever.  His brother though, was not what I expected!  Perhaps I expected someone a bit more like Caedis, being the brand name shopper that he is - but he is obviously one of those who likes to dress designer without looking designer grunge!  Long hair in a ponytail, glasses, skinny but friendly - he looks like somebody from a comic book store!  Sometimes I wonder if I should mention to Tout his lack of tact - though when I try to point out his faults and lack of insight into them I am told I'm being paranoid and not being his friend!  Blah!  LOL don't want to make this a whole whinge about Tout post, I might have to make up a separate one for whinging about friends!

This weekend Bel is coming to Sydney because Fae has a presentation of some sort.  I asked him briefly if he wanted to meet up, he was evasive so I didn't bother pushing it, after all, it's probably not an ideal thing if a married dude is meeting up with a chick in Sydney (even though his Mrs may be present).  But then I find Tout has asked him over for lunch!  I think I'll just avoid the whole thing, just to be on the safe side.  After all, guys meeting guys is ok.  I don't want to upset Fae!  I'll happily stay at home and besides I'm on call.


  1. awww you forgot about me! I came up when Thinto and Mils visited too!!!...geee (heart broken)

  2. @Faith - OMG I did too >< Sorry Faith