Thursday, 16 September 2010

Problem with car already! Lucky it's fixed now though...

I drove my car away on Tuesday and found that the damn clock keeps resetting to midday!  And so does the trip meter.  Sounded like some kind of battery/connection problem but today I took the car back and it was fixed up quick smart.  Fuse problem they said, which was easily rectified.

Erika loves the moonroof, she asks for it to be open all the time.  And she knows that mama's new car is black (she says it with a south african accent, so it sounds like she's saying Bleck).

At least the after sales service is good.  I will mention it when I do my customer satisfaction survey.

Oh, one thing I did notice was that servicing the car is NOT cheap.  And I thought VW service was bad, this is just as bad, maybe a tiny bit cheaper.

Oh today when I went back to the dealership the salesperson I dealt with was just handing over the keys to another Dualis +2!  A red one!  I went outside to tell the couple that they had made a nice choice, and the man asked me if I liked my car and I said I loved it.  Except for the clock of course.  Now a moot point :)

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