Thursday, 9 September 2010

Comments that make you roll your eyes...

Operating today with my orthopaedic surgeon, and his assistant (another orthopod) was trashing the NBN, saying that it will cost lots of money and it's a waste of money.  And that the speeds of sites downloading is dependent on the US servers and not Australian internal networks...

... I immediately said that it's about connecting rural Australia to high speed internet.  And that rural Australia needs the connections for internal things - such as video conferencing, virtual classrooms - geez it's not all about ebay, amazon, apple i-store and youtube!

So he said as well, well don't live in rural Australia, why would anyone want to live there?  I said someone has to grow food for the populace.  He said buy it from overseas, it's cheaper...

No wonder people think doctors are idiots.  I wonder if there anybody out there thinks like me, that food produced in Australia will support our local economy, and that with a strong local economy that DOESN'T rely heavily on mining, logging and whatever unrenewable resources there are around as primary industry will build a stronger country for us all.  I think patriotism is something that people don't believe in these days.  I have taught Erika the Australian national anthem and I will make sure my daughter understands the importance of showing support for your country, local business and jobs.  Geez even now I think orthopods are idiots (though you really shouldn't be biting the hand that feeds you if you know what I mean).

Also when I was at Liverpool I have people going on and on at me about voting Greens/Labor.  "They'll take all your money", "They want to support all the dole bludgers", "We'll have an emissions trading scheme coming in and that's bad!"

Why shouldn't we have some environmental conscience?  Why shouldn't you pay more tax if you earn more money?  Perhaps it's unfair for the lower income people to be slugged with the high energy bills, but perhaps if you invest more money in green and renewable energy or subsidise it then perhaps we can have better electricity for everybody.  I am still struggling to come up with a concept that would make electricity more affordable to lower income populations, sometimes I think I'd like to put solar panels on my investment properties so that the electricity bills there would be smaller and have a smaller carbon footprint.  But I don't know, I can't go around saving the world, I'm just one person, with grand ideas and no possible way to carry them out!

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  1. Yes, that last line made me roll my eyes alright. ;)

    You do what you can, when the opportunity arises. No need to save the world singlehanded.