Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Composting and why I haven't done it yet

For all my enthusiasm for ecosustainability and reduction of rubbish, my major failing continues to be composting.  Composting always seems like such hard work with all that turning and digging and I honestly just can't bring myself to be digging around in smelly waste.  Hubby was against it too because he says it attracts rodents and roaches.

Looking at one of the many types of compost bins on the market, I thought that the Earthmaker looked like a good choice.  It looks like I don't have to spin the damn thing and then dig compost out, basically I just add stuff to the top and then shake it through after a while and it comes out the bottom!  And if I get do it right and get the kids used to it then maybe I can teach them how to use the composter too.

So you add stuff in the top, then shake it a bit and it goes to the middle and then stir it some more and it goes to the bottom.  One thing I'm not sure about is how worms and other stuff gets in there.

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