Tuesday, 7 September 2010

And Labor is in by a nose!

I sat down today at 3pm to watch the press conference that the 2 independents Windsor and Oakeshott held, which after listening to them talking for about half an hour finally let us know they had chosen to side with Labor, and a Gillard government.

Lots of people have lots of things to say I bet.  Here are my interpretations of it.

One thing that I did notice was that Oakeshott made it clear that though he was not mandating either party and that he could swing either way.  He also took a long time justifying his decision and he mentioned that he had to go home and discuss something with his family which to me suggested that he was offered a cabinet position or something.  And he did come out with that at the press conference, and made no effort to hide it.

Windsor was (relatively) quick to say he would support a Gillard government.  I was happy that he said that NBN was the major factor in it, and I think that he made the right choice - now only to hope that the fibre starts getting laid in the next few years.

Oakeshott was ... dramatic to say the least.  Though as soon as Windsor said he would support Gillard I knew that Oakeshott would support Labor also, as they said stability was important.

Interestingly they think that Liberals would want to go to the polls relatively soon.  I can't remember why I felt like they thought that, but somehow that seemed to filter through.  I wonder if the Libs went to the polls quickly they would focus on those seats to take them away from the independents.

I am sure that many in Australia are bemoaning the fact we have Labor/Greens working together, and whinging about climate change, mining taxes and NBN.  To be honest I couldn't give a poop about boat people coming in ... selfish perhaps but those boat people can't take my jobs or my houses.  Though they may take my tax money... a price on carbon is something I think Australia should look at for our responsible future and I wish that there was more money invested in renewable energy, and I hope the Greens can give that kind of future that I want for my children.

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