Thursday, 16 September 2010

Kids who will not go to bed - Nightmare parenting moments #1

Last night I was by myself at home and hubby was out for a work dinner and I was bringing the kids back from Nanny M's and thought well, once I get the kids to bed I can do whatever I like!  Maybe play some WoW!

Little did I know...

I put Julian to bed after his milk at about 7pm and then tried to put Erika to bed at 730pm but Julian started crying (probably hit his head on the rail as he turned over) and then it was ping-ponging between the two, but as soon as I left one child the other would start crying... so I couldn't get either of them down.  Julian cried so much when I was struggling to put Erika to bed that he vomitted... twice.  All over me.  And himself, and his sleeping bag.  Fortunately not onto the floor or his bed so didn't have to clean that up.  I tried to clean his head and face but he still smelled of vomit, even after I changed his shirt.  I sms'd hubby at about 915pm to tell him that everything at home was terrible, and I sat downstairs with both of them watching Ratatouille and they seemed quite content for a while, Julian was very active and Erika was sitting quietly mostly.  By about 10pm I figured it was enough and took them upstairs, where they both started wailing.  I sat in Erika's room holding the two crying babies, and just sighed with resignation.

Erika was wailing at me to put Julian away, so I got up a few times and everytime I left she would cry loudly.  So I finally said to her that I can't put Julian away because Erika keeps crying!  So I left the room and she whimpered quietly while I tried to put Jul down.  He fell asleep when I held him horizontally but as soon as I put him in the cot he would cry.  I was on the final pickup and I heard Erika coming down the corridor saying "Mama?  Mama?" and I managed to put Julian on the floor, asleep.  She was peering around the door of Julian's room by that stage and I told her I'd finished putting Julian away, and I walked back to her room with her.  And we lay down, and I heard the garage door opening and told her that Baba was home and she'd better be good before Baba comes!  And before hubby came into the room, she was ok for me to leave her lying there on the bed by herself.

The one good thing was that they didn't wake up all night after that.  But 1030pm bedtime is just pure idiocy.

Both of them got up this morning in reasonably good spirits.  My only explanation was that perhaps they're coming down with a slight cold or something, making them clingy, because normally my kids aren't so awful!

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