Saturday, 11 September 2010

iPhones taking over the world....

I have been very resistant to having an iphone... perhaps because it's an iphone!  Apple likes everyone to use their product with no crossover... effectively squeezing out the competition.  I suppose that's how you make money but you have to be sure your product is good - and the Apple product is good, or so the millions of people using iphones will tell you anyway!

And I did think that the iPad was a silly thing, people were saying it's a computer replacement and I was poopooing that idea... but after playing with one... it does do the one thing that I thought was good and that was read things, like books, the newspaper etc, at least it's big enough to read compared to reading it on my phone like I normally do.  But then one of my mates showed me his comics on it, and wow they look great!  I have digital comics too and they look cool on the computer but I'm sure they would look just as awesome on the iPad - much that I hate to admit it!

So do I give in and get one?  Obviously I only want one because... well because it's cool!  I don't really NEED one (really what do we really NEED other than water, food, clothes on our backs... internet, WoW, mobile phones, the latest fancy digital SLR... hahahaha!)... maybe I can just wait till version 2 comes out.  I wonder if I'll be able to read my books on it, since they're all saved on funny formats.

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