Wednesday, 2 June 2010

First Gastroenteritis for Erika and Julian is crawling!

Erika has been having fevers for 3 days, and didn't seem otherwise unwell except for being grumpy and crying at night, and she did have more frequent poos but not really runny ones, just soft.  Today she has no fevers but she does have diarrhoea so I'm glad there is finally a diagnosis!

Unfortunately though she woke up at 4:40 this morning crying and she'd wet the bed and had a little diarrhoea in her undies.  I put her straight on the toilet and she did a BIG diarrhoea.  Changed all her sheets, but being busy with that made me miss Julian waking up and he pooped into his nappy.  2 poopy babies!

But the milestone is that Julian is now starting to commando crawl on the floor!  And hubby managed to catch Julian's poos yesterday so I'm very proud of him!  Over the weekend Julian didn't do many poos into his nappies except in the morning when I missed him waking up.

He's been pretty good with sleeping, sleeping by himself at 7.30pm and waking up  at 5ish.  But last night he woke up at 2 and needed to be patted back to sleep, and then he was up with Erika at 4.40.  I hope once Erika gets better and is back to sleeping through the night (and having an appetite again) that we might get some restful sleeps.

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