Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Sick kids again!

Will this endless round of coughs and runny noses ever end?  For the third time Julian and Erika are sick, Julian more so because he looks so miserable with his stuffy runny nose and moist cough, and Erika has a snotty nose and saying to me "Nose is blocked".

You know this mean every time I have a runny nose and I used to think it was change of weather or hay fever it might actually be a cold!  I had a runny nose for a day and then it went away and the next thing you know the kids are sick!  Now I have a sore throat and am wondering if this is a NEW cold or is it a continuation of the mild runny nose I had last week?

Julian has been great with his poos which are so solid and stinky now!  He has pooped in the toilet every morning for the past 3 days.  Or is it 4 days?  I lose track.  I know I have been up at 4am the past 2 days, I think the other day I got up a 5am.  Though with Julian sick I don't mind getting up early because he's been going to bed early.  Had to do Houdini nappy change last night because he went to bed in a BBH Hemp with no boosting and it was a few hours and he still hadn't woken up so I took his nappy off and managed to get his BBH Night nappy onto him and Flongies with minimal fuss, I managed to pat him back to sleep and he slept right through till 4am.

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