Thursday, 3 June 2010

Funny moment with Erika while I was in ICC

Erika was grouchy last night, refusing to go to bed and I wanted to raid!  Hubby wasn't home, he was out doing a talk with a nice dinner, so I was trying to get two kids into bed.  Julian was a darling and went to sleep almost by himself, with minimal fuss (some calling out but no wailing or crying) but Erika was very difficult.  She did sleep in the afternoon and she was hungry when she came home (asking for Um!) so she had some of my dinner.

So in the end I let her come downstairs while I went to play World of Warcraft and we were doing hardmodes ICC (well at least trying Marrowgar and Gunship) and then we had a few wipes on Heroic Marrowgar.  She was sitting on my lap and grabbing everything but after a bit of "Mama is playing games Erika, if you want to sit with Mama you have to sit here quietly and watch" she sat down and was looking at me playing, and wasn't trying to bash the keyboard or grab the mouse.

She was looking at the screen and she said "Mama what's that?"  And then she said "oh Butterfly" which I thought was absolutely hilarious!  I even posted it on guild chat.   Guildies said "Don't know what kind of butterflies you're showing your daughter..."

Here is a picture of Marrowgar... do you think it looks like a butterfly?

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