Saturday, 5 June 2010

Random Boob thoughts - Breastfeeding, Victoria's Secret and Plastic Surgery

It's been about 2 weeks now where I haven't expressed any more milk, and my milk is finally gone - no more breastfeeding!  I remember the day I stopped, I had tried to give Julian some breastmilk before bed and he just didn't want any!  So that was the end of that.  He had been slowly taking less and less anyway, I think he finds it way easier to get it out of the bottle anyway (and not to mention I think the formula tastes nicer).  You do feel a bit of the "oh my god my baby doesn't want me anymore" but really this is so much better, my boobs are mine again!  Or at least what's left of them.

Now I'm thinking I really need to get the services of a plastic surgeon... people are not joking when they say it's like balloons with the air let out!  Though I'm not quite that bad and I'm certainly no Victoria Secret Angel (god wouldn't I love to have cleavage and curves like Alessandra Ambrosio (she has such a nice look! Kinda Megan Fox like I think), or the gorgeous blonde blue eyed look of Doutzen Kroes.  Seriously who wouldn't want to look like this??

Isn't she just gorgeous?  And I wonder if I was the only person who noticed her in Casino Royale as Bond was walking into that fancy club.  I tell you these South American girls have something sultry and sexy about them.  Gosh people will think I'm weird writing about these sorts of things!

Doutzen Kroes was in the Sydney Morning Herald recently and she (and they) were saying how she is a curvy model instead of the usual waif thin model.  But if you look at her, I mean come on, she's not curvy.. she's a slender model!  She has a very glamorous look to her, almost movie star like if you ask me.

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