Monday, 4 April 2011

Julian advancing finally!

Yay well Julian is finally communicating better!  I was in a bit of a despair because he wouldn't talk, but he now says bye bye routinely and waves, and is quite cute at it, and does say moon (as moo) and says mama sometimes too.  And he points at things he wants and shakes his head no when he doesn't want something.

But the big thing was this weekend I was trialling him without nappy and taking him to the toilet and he was doing really well!  He would hold quite well during the day, though just after milk was always tricky, missed quite a few there.  Today was great, I actually took him outside with no nappy and held him and asked him to wee wee and he did a wee for me! On the grass!  3 times!  And he would sit on the toilet and try to wee if I put him there rather than fight, and if he cries going to the toilet I know it means he doesn't want to go.  Though there have been a few times where I was sure he needed to go and I just ended up taking him to a different toilet.

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