Sunday, 24 April 2011

Zoo with BW's parents

Took the kids to the zoo yesterday.  It was a long day out!

The morning was gloomy with scattered showers so I stopped by Baby Kingdom to get a rain cover for the pram.  They had run out of the double covers so I only had the single but that was good at least.  Having 2 kids running around the store is a nightmare though trying to contain them, so I was happy someone came to give me some assistance.  That's the nice thing about Baby Kingdom in Yagoona, always happy to help out.

Then I asked Erika if she wanted to catch a boat or drive, and she said she would like to ride a boat.  So I parked my car at the station and we caught the train to the city and then the ferry.  Erika was a bit timid of BW's parents but she warmed up quick enough to BW's mum and Julian was cuddling up against her eating his lunch.

The ferry ride was nice, Erika seemed to like it, Julian however slept through it.

We arrived at the zoo at the bottom entrance and got the lift up to the Sky Safari, and they let us put our pram on the Sky safari so that was cool!  Julian woke up there with all the bumpies but Erika was happy and looked out the window saying "We're flying!"

Then we saw the animals and watched the seal show and then bird show.  Erika was enthralled with the seal show and wanted to watch some more but it was over and she was quite pouty afterwards.  We did go and see some more animals so that made her happier but she lost it in the bird show and wasn't very interested in it which was a shame.  It was at that point Julian decided to poo in his nappy so I missed some of the show too.

After the bird show we left and made our way home.

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