Sunday, 24 April 2011

Sick children again

Well the kids are sick again.  Julian now has diarrhoea, which initially I thought was due to me as yesterday morning he had a bit of constipation/hard poo so I shared my yoghurt from breakfast with him.  We went out to the zoo that day with BW and his parents and Julian did 2 poos in his nappy.  2!  And then when we came home I put him straight into the shower to wash him because one of those poos was on the train home.  And then he pooed some more in the bath!  EWWWW!  I put him on the toilet after that and he pooed even more!  And then after his milk/dinner I put him on again and he pooed again.

Then this morning he pooed in his nappy because he was crying and I think I should have realised to take him to the toilet instead of letting hubby deal with it because he may have been crying to be taken to the toilet rather than crying because he'd done it.

Though the illness started a few days ago, because on Wednesday night Julian woke up coughing and then started crying and then started vomitting.  Gross.  I hate vomit.

Erika has a blocked/runny nose mainly, Julian is the one who looks sicker.

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