Wednesday, 20 April 2011

Sydney Royal Easter Show 2011

It may sound corny but I really like going to the Easter show.  As usual, it always rains at the Easter show and Saturday was no exception.

I wanted to go this year especially because it is the last year that Erika can enter the Easter show for free.  Though technically she is so small she could probably get in for free again next year.  Julian was still a little small to appreciate the show, but Erika still liked it.

I parked the car at the station and caught the train there.  The kids love catching the train.

We started off at the Woolworths Pavillion, sampling various tidbits and as usual me spending money on ridiculous food showbags full of snacks which served as lunch for me and the kids.  I got Jalna yoghurt and also a honey bag which had 2 types of honey in it and a honey guarana drink (zing!).

Then we made our way to the home and arts pavillion where I bought the silicon food covers for my sister in laws.  Also K&J were there with their kids and I dragged J to the stall and she bought some too!  The Demonstartor dude gave me a knowing smile as he launched into a demo for J (as I had just told him I was buying 2 for my relatives).

A quick stop through the showbags where I decided not to load up on junk (though in hindsight I thought perhaps I should get the Dora showbag because there was an umbrella in it and Erika was insisting on carrying an adult umbrella which was swiping everyone's knees around her as she wielded it).

Then we slowly made our way through the animal pavillions, starting with the dogs, then onto the chickens, pigs, cows, sheep and goats and finally the Farmyard Nursery where Erika and Julian both touched goats and sheep, looked at chickens and dragged their feet through the sawdust.  Lucky I decided to put gumboots on both of them or I'd have some horrible shoes to clean!  Erika really liked the pigs.  She cried because she wanted to go back and see the pigs again.  There were a lot of piglets there and she was absolutely fascinated by them.

Julian did have a sleep in between but was awake for the Farmyard Nursery so at least that was some fun for him.

Then it was raining again, so we bolted back to the train station.  The kids were tired and so was I!  But it was a good day out.

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