Monday, 28 March 2011

Black Lab

A long time ago when I was trying to find music for my WoW videos I was looking specifically at Transformers things and didn't like the theme songs that they had, but I read some comments somewhere that there was a really good Transformers theme rendition done by this group called Black Lab.  So I went looking for it and liked it so much that I bought that particular song.  That was the first time I had ever bought an mp3.

Since then I get emails every now and then from Paul Durham from Black Lab saying new songs on site, friend me on facebook, myspace etc... and I never did really go back and look at their music, but then the last email said that one of their songs has been featured in some TV shows!  The Shield and it was on House, which was pretty cool since that's a popular show and would give them heaps of exposure.  Anyway so I went and listened to the song and bought it as well.  Here is the clip here (taken from the Black Lab website)

Though if you ask me, the cover of this new album is rather raunchy - naked chick!  I should have bought the whole album instead of the one song!  Check out this cover.

 So I got bought their new album Two Strangers, as well as Passion leaves a trace, and the B sides... so I'm sitting around waiting for the email to appear so I can listen to my new music! 

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