Monday, 30 August 2010

What car should I buy? Part 2

Ok I've narrowed my choice down to 2 cars:

Volkswagen Golf Wagon 118TSI comfortline
Nissan Dualis+2 Ti

Two different cars.  So hard to choose!

What do I like about the Golf?
1) Fuel economy. 6.7L/100km is hard to beat!
2) Zippy little 1.4L engine
3) It's a Golf!
4) Roomy station wagon
5) Safe

What do I like about the Dualis+2?
1) Sized between a hatchback and an SUV
2) +2 seats in an emergency up the back!  Not comfy though!
3) Tones of extra features included in the price for the top of the line model such as moonroof (glass roof!), bluetooth, seat warmers, leather seats, keyless entry
4) value for money price
5) Safe

OK so what don't I like about them?

1) takes premium unleaded 98 only.  Geez, that will add heaps to my petrol bill.  No wonder the darn thing is so fuel efficient.
2) Adding all the extras makes the price go up
3) ugly... it's a station wagon!

1) Fuel economy not as good - 8.2L/100km
2) Not as roomy as Golf
3) Doesn't have back seat vents for air con/fan

There are quite a few reviews out there:


Interestingly to insure either of these cars comprehensively, the Golf is $300 more expensive to insure.

I think I may end up getting a Dualis anyway.  I will still get the +2 seats because the boot is bigger with the +2 seats folded down than the normal.  Will cost me an extra 2.5k though.  Should I get AWD?  I dunno, will I ever use it?  I doubt it.  I can always take the Lexus if I really need to do 4WD stuff.

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