Wednesday, 11 August 2010

Could it be lactose intolerance?

Mum was up here while hubby went to visit relatives in Taiwan, and she suggested that Julian might be lactose intolerant.  So we decided to do a little experiment and we put him on Soy formula for 2 days.  At first he drank 100mL and then cried so I had to put a little bit of sugar in it and then he polished it off quick smart.  And we found that his poos decreased!  The next day he woke up at 530 and only did a little firm poo in the morning and then didn't poo all day.  And today he woke up at 5 and had a tiny poo on his bottom (very solid) and so I gave him his normal milk and about 30 minutes later he did a nice big poo with some solid and soft bits in it (whoever is reading this blog will think GOD all she does is talk about poo!).  So today we'll see how he goes with being back on normal milk after having 2 days of soy and see if he's better.  But I really do think that he's been better and happier after having the soy for 2 days, he seems cheerful and happy and he's sleeping well!  I was a bit worried about his poos but I guess we'll worry about that later... see how these two days go.  He'll be at Michelle's for 2 days on normal formula so we'll see how his poos are - maybe his bout of diarrhoea ages ago threw his bowel flora out of whack and he just needed a rest.  Wonder if his bowel flora came back though....

I think I might do another experiment and start giving alternating lactose free milk and lactose milk during the day.  All I want to do is have him sleep well overnight!  And not have poo in his nappy waking him up.

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