Tuesday, 31 August 2010

"Baby brought back to life by mother's touch"

I read this in the paper yesterday

Baby brought back to life by mother's touch

And the Today Tonight video here. Scroll down to Miracle Survival story.

And I thought wow that's so cool.  Lucky for her that it went well and they didn't just pass him off as dead!

So I go to work today and I'm doing my Caesarean list and the midwife there asks me if I saw that thing on Today Tonight about the baby brought back to life, and I said yeah I read that in the paper, and she said "That was me, I delivered them and then I filmed them".  I mean talk about a small world!  That happened in my own hospital, with a midwife that I know!

Apparently she said on Today Tonight they told the story nicely but she said when the mum went onto Sunrise they were bagging out the midwife and Mrs Ogg didn't defend the midwife at all, just smiling and nodding.  So Midwife A was grumbling about that, but she said she didn't care really, it was just disappointing that she was bagged out on national TV and she felt that the mum was a bit ungrateful.

Midwife A said that she even offered to film the baby's last minutes with a camera they had on them so they had some record of the baby, and that's why there was even video to show about the baby and stuff!  I just watched the video and it showed the Neonatologist Dr G on it too... not sure if that's a good thing...

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