Thursday, 19 August 2010

Update with Julian's lactose intolerance and Erika sick again!

Well Julian seems to be tolerating his lactose free diet well.  Nanny M has got the lactose free formula and he has taken to it rather well.  He's down to one poo a day now (well maybe 1.5-2) and he's doing it straight after his morning milk.

Today he woke up around 4am and was talking to himself.  I just let him be and went back to sleep.  The next time I woke up it was 615am and I couldn't hear Julian at all and when I walked in there he was asleep.  And YAY no poo in his nappy!  He was such a good baby, one scoop of normal milk with 3 of soy and straight after he sat on the toilet and did a poo.  Yesterday however he woke up at 350am and talked non stop that I went and got him at 430 because I couldn't stand the noise anymore.  So you can imagine how tired he was.  I'm not sure why he was good last night, but now Erika is sick he might get sick too and have bad nights (see below).
Erika woke up this morning covered in snot and having a blocked nose.  Nanny M said that she spewed out her panadol even though she feels terrible.  My poor little girl.  She probably got it from her cousin, he has a cold at the moment and is quite miserable.  I hope she's only sick for a day or so.

Erika is quite cute at night.  I take her to bed and she tells me what story she wants recited/read to her and then we cuddle and I ask her to say goodnight but she won't unless I say if you don't mummy is going to go away and then she says night night mama.  And she gives me a kiss too and asks me to kiss her as well, and then sometimes she asks me to hug or cuddle her, and put my arm around her.  These are such cute days, if I don't remember them now they'll never come back.

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