Wednesday, 11 August 2010

MORE car drama!

Today I was driving to work and while I was on the freeway there was a funny noise - like a flapping noise (like you hear if you have a flag on your car flapping in the wind).  Then it stopped and I was like phew!  Then the battery light came on... then the oil light came on.  Mum and the kids were in the car with me and I was freaking out (it was on the freeway bit where it's 80km/hr) and I was ringing hubby and HK and then the temperature gauge stopped working and then the ABS light came on.... and when I turned onto Narellan road I realised the power steering wasn't working!!!  I managed to get mum to the train station and then drove to hospital and parked the car (by that time the lights on the radio had gone as well, and the airbag lights had come on) and called NRMA.  Michelle came to pick up the kids and then NRMA got there looked at my car a fan belt and a ?pulley had broken which is attached to the alternater and battery and that's why the battery wasn't getting charged when the car was running which made all the electrics die.

So my car got towed away eventually and hopefully it will be fixed today.  If not I'll have to go get the car seats out so I can put them in some other car!!!

1800: OMG more drama.  At about 11am I got a call from the mechanic who had fixed my car and was coming over to the hospital to come pick me up.  So I started looking for my wallet.. couldn't find it.  So I was super stressed and my nice colleague RR lent me his keycard and some cash and told me his PIN so I could pay for my car!!!  So lovely of him.  Anyway the cash was enough to cover and I came back and I still couldn't find my wallet.  STRESS!  So then I suddenly got a call from Admissions downstairs - they had found my wallet!  So I was running down and they said I'd left it lying on the chair downstairs - where I had been sitting waiting for the tow truck.  AND all the money was still in it!

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