Thursday, 12 August 2010

First day at work for HK

I am guilty of pestering HK to get a job.  He has been sitting around at home playing games and "studying" but he needs to get out there!  So for months (maybe it was only weeks or a few months) I was applying for jobs on his behalf.

Now I'm not very good with CVs so none of the applications were replied or even made it to interview or phonecall - basically culled straight off the bat.  So after that I asked Sev to give me a hand - I sent the CV to Sev and got him to make it look better.

Not long after we did that, he got a phonecall from some companies who obviously were impressed enough by CV but wanted more information.  And then he got an interview!  The worst thing was - I noticed on his CV I had put MY mobile phone number as a contact and not his phone number!  So the job interview came to my phone when I was at work and I felt like the biggest idiot and then HK got an interview and he was so nervous by it he made himself physically sick.  On the day of the interview the first SMS were along the lines of "I don't feel well" and "I have a stomach upset".  As the interview time drew closer the SMS's were like "I have a migraine" and "I have chest pain going into my neck and arm", which finally culminated to "I've got all over body pain" which persisted long after the interview!

Even though he had awful interview technique (literally looked like he was petrified every time he was asked  a question and the answer was always I don't know or no I can't do that) he must have impressed them enough because they kept calling him back and even though he didn't get the job that they advertised for they gave him a casual job!  Now I don't know how much work that is but at least it was a job!

So he came back this week after going home to help his parents and rang them to see when he could go in and get some "work experience" type stuff, and they told him that they were going to pay him $35/hr + super and start work on Thursday!  So today he's at work, and I'm hoping it all goes well.

I'm a bit sad because it means I can't apply for anymore jobs.  It was fun applying for jobs.

In the meantime I wanted to give him a hand doing a set up your own business thing for helping friends with computer problems/networking.  So far only 2 people interested but it would be a work at home type thing for which he needs a car I reckon if he's going to do call out stuff.

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