Friday, 1 November 2013

Speech progress: Colours and size, and a bit of naughty on the side

I felt like it has been a huge hurdle trying to get my son to get the concept of colour, and he has only JUST got it!  I was so happy when he said RED plane, BLUE plane, GREEN plane, and he's now getting the idea of yellow and orange.  I was so chuffed, I squealed in delight, gave him a huge cheer and a huge hug everytime he got it right.

And we did his homework with Big and little and he got that down as well!  He said them all right, I applied it to the plants and he got THAT right, I feel like my son is taking really solid footsteps down the path to speaking properly!

The other day though, he was very naughty.  He went to my hobby room and took my scissors and cut my sunflower seedling 3 to 4 times until it was just 1cm of stalk.  He got a huge scolding and a spank from hubby for taking out and playing with scissors and now he knows that you DO NOT CUT PLANTS.  Oh my poor sunflower.  I was so looking forward to seeing my first sunflower grow.

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