Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Food Coma - Penang Weekend Day #2

I had grand plans this morning.  I was going to have 2 breakfasts - I wanted to make sure I had some more of the yummy included breakfast!  So I went down at 630am and got myself a Char Kweh Teoh and a miso soup - the miso soup was horrible.  I think I'll stick to the Malaysian stuff.  Then I was bumming around in my room and I thought I would go join my cousin's friends for breakfast so I went down and ate some more breakfast - had a roti and some curry and a carrot/ginger/celery juice.

Had some fruit for good measure.  Tried to make a smily face and tongue - can you see it?

Then my friend from World of Warcraft came and we went out for breakfast again.  She wanted to eat Dim Sum so she took me to some hawker stall area to eat.

After that we went to Gurney Plaza and had some Penang Coffee and also a soft serve soy ice cream!  That was interesting.

My uncle took me out for lunch after that and we had some Chicken rice and steamed white chicken with oyster sauce.  The chicken was a bit tough, but it was ok.  Probably not the best chicken rice I've had.

After that we had wedding banquets to deal with!

I only took a picture of the first dish because they weren't really that exciting and also everyone kept eating and ruining my picture so I gave up after a while.

One thing that I wish I managed to do was see the Armenian street murals.  I only saw this cat.  But there were others like people on bikes and motorbikes which was quite good.  I did walk on Armenian street but I didn't see them!

 All in all a great foodie trip.  Stuffed myself stupid.  But you really need to know where to go.

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