Thursday, 14 November 2013

USA Anaheim Holiday Day #5 - Universal Studios

It's not too long a drive from Anaheim down to Hollywood - doesn't seem to be much different from driving to work! As we drove down to LA, our bus driver pointed out various things that had been in movies that you could see from the freeway.  However, we were driving a little too fast for me to get any good photos!

A blurry capture of the Hollywood sign
You can see Warner Bros from Universal!
We started with the Studio tour, which was also a ride.  The King Kong in 3D part was pretty cool with dinosaurs and King Kong crashing around outside the carriage and splashing us with a bit of water and jumping straight at us and shaking the cart.  There was also part of the ride in a real subway train crash with fire!  We saw various sets and props along the way.
Cars from various movies shot at Universal Studios
A real crashed jumbo jet that Steve Spielberg had shipped to the set (one bit was so heavy it had to be lowered in by helicopter) and was used in War of the Worlds

Houses from Wisteria Lane in Desperate Housewives

There were also characters to take pics with as well.  They were scattered around the park but I didn't have the inclination to line up and take a picture with them.  I did line up for Optimus with J, but he said he didn't want to have a picture taken with the robot. Awww.
Bumblebee and Optimus

Scooby Doo
Woody Woodpecker
Marge and Homer
Krustyland looked like fun!  There was a ride there which was a rollercoaster that we didn't go on and also some games.
Personally though I did enjoy it, it wasn't a really super fun day. There were so many things I coudn't do because of my young son and I don't really enjoy rollercoasters - they hurt my neck and shoulders!  Transformers the ride was about the maximum of my limit, but the Mummy rollercoaster made me a little queasy and gave me a headache. The Jurassic park ride with the water drop at the end was not too bad!

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