Saturday, 23 November 2013

USA Anaheim Holiday Day #10 - Los Angeles and home

On our last day, we decided to book a half day tour of Los Angeles, and be back in time to get our stuff ready for departure. We were dreadful in that we kept the buses waiting as we were late, because we were trying to check out of the hotel at the same time.

I had heard a lot about Los Angeles - people told me not to expect much because it was rather dingy compared to what you thought it would be.  And for the most part, they were right.

We stopped first at a few famous sporting venues.

Then we headed down to Hollywood to check out the typical touristy areas such as the stars on the Hollywood Boulevarde.

The Chinese theatre

And the Dolby theatre which is where they do the Academy awards.  I was surprised this wasn't a more dressed up part of town!

Then we took a look at the various streets and suburbs

And Beverly Hills.  Around Beverly Hills things looked rather posh.  We finished up with lunch at Chipotles which was a rather nice mexican place.  It seemed rather popular.  J fell asleep as we were trying to eat so he was passed around between hubby and HK so they could both eat their lunch.

Then it was the long flight home.  I would definitely recommend the Disneyland resort express - from our hotel it took us back to the Disneyland Hotel where we caught the express back to the airport.  It's $38 return so I think it's good value - though a cab with seats for children would be good too!

A wonderful trip and one I would highly recommend to people with children, even small children.

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