Friday, 17 June 2011

Things the kids do that make you go awwwww :P

I often call my kids little monsters and ratbags but they do have really cute things about them that show that they care about you, maybe even love you!

I am sure many parents can relate to these but here are some examples of when the kids are so cute that you love them to death:

  1. When I am lying in bed putting Erika to sleep and she asks if she can hold my hand, and her little fingers curl around my fingers, and she closes her eyes and gives my hand a little squeeze.
  2. When I am entering the door after being at work and Julian sees me and immediately drops what he is doing to run over to me to hug my leg or stand at my feet looking up at me with his arms up to be carried
  3. When Erika looks at me when I am wearing a dress or a nice coat or make up, and she says "Mama is pretty!"
  4. When Julian makes kissing noises and then grins from ear to ear looking very pleased with himself.
  5. When I am lying in bed with Julian and he grabs my hand and puts it around him and and then places his hand on top of mine.
  6. When Erika puts her hands on my face and makes me look at her face and then she giggles.

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