Tuesday, 7 June 2011

O'Farrell backs down on Solar rebate cut

When I got back from holidays there was a lot of talk about how the NSW premier planned to slash our solar rebate from 60c per kw to 40c, overturning a previous government promise that the rebate would be honoured until until 2020.

However the Premier has backed down and my 60c/kW is saved.

Which is good news, since last week I got another negative electricity bill, and have $250 odd in credit.  I also decided to switch to 100% green energy this week, which is going to cost me an extra 5.5c/kW, which I think worked out to be an extra $35 or so on my bill.

Yay for solar panels!  I wish I could have put more on.  Maybe I should consider getting solar hot water as well.

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