Friday, 24 June 2011

Kids are snotty again

Ugh, the kids have a cold again, and Julian was so miserable on Wednesday he kept throwing up!  Fortunately by Thursday he only vomitted after being made to cry, so hoping today he will be back to being non vomitty.  He has lovely green snot though.... interestingly Erika was sick first but only seems to have a mildly runny nose as opposed to Julian who has rivers of green pouring out from his nose.  Yuk.

Hubby made them that chinese curry, the mildest one and they seem to enjoy eating that with rice which is good because there is meat, potatoes, celery and carrots in it.  So I'm glad they are gradually moving towards their own food.

And they seem to be quite good now at eating their breakfast at the little table, and eating by themselves.  I make sure they have their normal breakfast first and then I put some dry yummy "dessert" cereal there for them, like cocopops or cheerios.  Unfortunately I can't stop Julian eating Erika's cocopops sometimes...

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